Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feeling old, and yet still cool...

I always wondered when I was much younger what it would feel like to get old. I'm starting to find out. While I'm not exactly ancient and decrepit yet, I do feel old some days. Mostly, it's just my body. In my mind, I still think I'm pretty cool. I probably just dated myself with my use of the word cool. It was THE descriptive word of my youth, and I still like saying it. I'm positive that my kids would say that I'm anything but cool. They'll get it one day though. It's weird when you feel younger in your head than you look on paper. I still think cool thoughts in my head. I still like cool music. I love to play my all time band Crowded House loud and sing along when I'm painting or making something cool. Speaking of Crowded House, they have to be the most underrated band ever. I was fortunate to see them perform live in the early nineties. I'm so glad that they are still at it, sounding cooler than ever.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Maternity Tree

Today while I was filling a hummingbird feeder, I happened to look up into this tree, and I was surprised at what I saw. Nests everywhere. I counted seven, but there could be more. It's almost like a maternity ward. The doves are very tame, and they don't mind being photographed. I don't think all of the nests belong to doves. As I approached, several small birds flew away. It will be a busy place if they all hatch at the same time.

Mama #1

Mama #2

Monday, June 15, 2009

A box for cards

I took a cheap wooden box from Michaels. Painted and crackled it. Next came some vintage images. It will serve as a place to store my homemade cards. I need to work on some dividers for the inside. It was fun to work on something like this again.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Away too long

No, I haven't been on an extended vacation. I wish! I've just been MIA for awhile. Isn't this the cutest photo? It was on a Hallmark card that I received for my birthday awhile back. I haven't any recent art work or projects to show, but I hope to get back into it again. I miss my friends from Mystic Paper. Gotta get in there soon.