Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I've learned a new craft

A few months back, we made some minor cosmetic changes to our guest bathroom. We replaced the old shiny gold/silver faucets with rubbed black/bronze ones. A new light fixture took the place of the one that looked like it belonged in a carnival, and the wall mirror was reduced in size and framed. The frame was one that was in my collection for the samplers I stitch. Everything turned out great, but there was one thing left to tackle...the medicine cabinet. It was the typical sunk in the wall type with a mirrored door trimmed in gold. Not my taste at all. I love the look of punched tin, and I saw a cabinet that I liked from Irvin's Country Tinware. The problem is that it would have been a huge hassle to remove the old, add sheet rock to cover the hole, and so on. I came up with the idea to make my own version. I ordered an plain blackened tin panel from Irvin's the same size as the door. Copying a pattern that I like, I then drew the design on the panel with a white marking pencil. Using a board, a nail, and a hammer, I punched the design. My husband made the simple frame for it, and after painting it black, I sanded and antiqued it. Paul then attached the whole thing to the existing door. I love it. It is exactly the look I was going for. My poor hubby hates it when I come up with these projects for him. I can do the visualizing...but he has to make my ideas work. Occasionally, we can get a little put out with each other while in the process, but in the end it always turns out great. We make a good team!

One bathroom down, one to go, dear!